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2022 Campaign Kick-Off!

As 2022 is wrapping up, let’s take meaningful action together.

We are launching the end of the year campaign to support youth engagement, environmental education, and reforestation programs with Corcovado Foundation; formation of the Los Mayos Mountain Nature Reserve; and to inspire hope during holidays for people in remote communities of Costa Rica. The campaign launches in two stages, on November 1 and December 1.

Over the next several weeks, we will post an in-depth article on each program. What difference does it make. What is interesting about it. How does it connect to the world at large. For example, next week we will tell you about the many fascinating trees being planted and how they support wildlife.

Through November, we will cover reforestation, environmental education, as well as the Los Mayos Mountain Nature Reserve. The donation link is live, so you can make a difference right now.

On December 1, we will add stories about communities and ways to support them through the holidays. Costa Rica is a joyful country. It is also a country where many still live in poverty. Many of these families live in remote rural areas, with limited access to resources and essential services. And when one lives at the edge of the jungle, they turn to poaching for the exotic pet trade, subsistence hunting for meat, or scavenging endangered turtle nests for eggs. They need better options!

If your loved ones are bored with material presents and want better options too, a campaign “gift card” is also coming on December 1. Let the recipient browse through the programs, finding an action that warms their heart.

Join us! Together, we can:

  • Restore natural habitats for future generations of humans and animals to enjoy. This program plants and monitors 50+ species of adaptable trees that provide abundant food for wildlife. Because of this, well-managed reforestation can promote biodiversity even better than natural regrowth.

  • Deliver environmental education and community engagement programs to schools and rural communities in the Osa Peninsula. In remote areas, this is often the only extracurricular activity these kids have: It goes beyond classroom learning to organizing beach clean-ups and recycling collections, staging plays, practicing art, and helping the youth strengthen their own voices in their communities. Since 2003, Corcovado Foundation reached over 5000 children and youth in the Osa Peninsula. Many of them have now grown up to be leaders in the area’s shift to more environmentally sustainable community development.

  • Create a visionary environmental and community development program in Costa Rica’s central Pacific foothills, the Los Mayos Mountain Nature Reserve. The community program will expand environmentally and socially responsible tourism initiatives in the remote community of Santa Juana. The nature reserve will expand and protect crucial watersheds and natural wildlife corridors surrounding Manuel Antonio National Park, one of Costa Rica’s most well-known and visited national parks. Together, we will build a clear blueprint for activating the local economy in ways that protect nature – a blueprint that could then be used throughout Costa Rica in other poor rural communities.

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