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Meet the Team


Meet the team who is Protecting and Preserving Costa Rica's Biodiversity.

Spears Headshot.jpg

A. Michelle Long Spears


Born into a poor family in the US American South, Michelle’s mother, Mary Ann, instilled strong values, a love of the outdoors and animals, and a solid ethical code into her at an early age. Out of a difficult upbringing came enlightenment and compassion — for people, place and planet.. read more

Alejandra Monge Headshot.JPG

Alejandra Monge

Honorary Member

Alejandra was born in San José, Costa Rica, and is passionate about nature. In the mid-nineties, she collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism and other..... read more

William MacLachlan Headshot.jpg

William MacLachlan

Honorary Member

William MacLachlan is a Past Chairman of Mawer Investment Management Ltd., which he joined in 1993, and retired from in 2016. Mawer is a Canadian... read more

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