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Meet the Team


Meet the team who is Protecting and Preserving Costa Rica's Biodiversity.

Spears Headshot.jpg

A. Michelle Long Spears


Born into a poor family in the US American South, Michelle’s mother, Mary Ann, instilled strong values, a love of the outdoors and animals, and a solid ethical code into her at an early age. Out of a difficult upbringing came enlightenment and compassion — for people, place and planet.. read more

barefoot head shot.jpg

Tom Barefoot

Board Member

Tom started visiting Costa Rica in early 2000’s (right after Y2k) and immediately fell in love with the people, culture and their love for nature.... read more


Inga Gusarova

Board Member

After Inga visited Costa Rica as a tourist in 2014, she was mesmerized by the Corcovado National Park. In 2019, she started volunteering for the Corcovado Organization... read more

Alejandra Monge Headshot.JPG

Alejandra Monge

Honorary Member

Alejandra was born in San José, Costa Rica, and is passionate about nature. In the mid-nineties, she collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism and other..... read more

William MacLachlan Headshot.jpg

William MacLachlan

Honorary Member

William MacLachlan is a Past Chairman of Mawer Investment Management Ltd., which he joined in 1993, and retired from in 2016. Mawer is a Canadian... read more

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